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The way of reporting news is changing. In a world that is more and more interconnected, global reporting is becoming increasingly important. Journalists are facing new challenges as news spreads faster, editorial budgets shrink and the number of digital attacks on journalists increase annually. That is why:

Correlations connects journalists and media professionals from all over the world on one online platform, allowing journalists to team up easily and distribute their media productions globally.

Safety is a key factor for us. In countries with limited press freedom, it is crucial for journalists to join forces online without those in power watching. Our goal for the near future is to incorporate readily available safety tools and offer educational support about digital safety on our platform. This way we want to provide a safer way for media professionals to communicate, share research, local knowledge and make cross-border productions. 

Our goal is to give local journalists who live around the world a voice and improve news coverage globally. Join us


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Correlations is a non-profit initiative, founded in 2014 by two young journalists:
Femke Awater and Charlotte Waaijers.
Standing as a starting reporter on Tahrir Square during the Spring Revolution, Femke realized what challenges journalists face getting their stories published.
As a financial reporter, Charlotte sees how professionals in all industries use technological innovation to their advantage. It is time for reporting professionals to do the same.


These people and organizations share our dream

Marijn Duintjer Tebbens
Correspondent Nieuwsuur
"From my personal experience I know that a good stringer is extremely valuable. However, to find someone with a large network and the experience it takes to set up a news report can be a hell of a job. Using Correlations global network of stringers, fixers, photographers and journalists doesn’t just save a lot of time, it also increases the quality of your product, whether it be a photoreport, an article or – in my case – a video report. "
Judith Spiegel
Correspondent oa NRC Handelsblad, De Standaard, NOS
"Great idea! You will know more about your immediate surroundings than the contracted news reporter who has to cover the entire region. You can save editors the costs of flight tickets and hotel bookings. If you ask me, this website should go international and fast! The perfect photographer to go along with your story might be French rather than Dutch. "
Stefan Verwer
Director Lokaalmondiaal
"The foreign news reporter represents the ears and eyes of the Dutch media consumer. He needs to be knowledgeable of the things that are happening in this rapidly globalizing world and he needs to stay informed about the topics that affect everyday life back at home. Correlations makes use of digitalization and the never-ending resourcefulness of modern-day technology to innovate and optimize global reporting. "

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